Ballads and Memory. International Conference of the Ballad Commission/Kommission für Volksdichtung, 31. 8. – 3. 9. 2018

Mezinárodní konference, pořádaná FF UK ve spolupráci s mezinárodní badatelskou společností Ballad Commission/Kommission für Volksdichtung, se zaměří na roli balad při konstruování, vyjednávání a udržování kulturní a sociální paměti. Konference se zúčastní přes 30 předních badatelů z celého světa z oborů etnologie, folkloristika a etnomuzikologie a je pořádána ve dnech 31. 8. – 3. 9. 2018 v Národopisném muzeu Národního muzea v Letohrádku Kinských.

Songs are often thought of as capturing the memories of a people or community. They reflect cultural experience and, as David Buchan put it, they give expression to the “cultural preoccupations of—and sometimes the sense of identity of—a given group”. They are a record of human experience. But how is that record constructed? Whose memories are being recorded? How is that record maintained? And how do we use that record? Do we alter it, or try to preserve it unchanged? Do we accept its version of our past, or do we reshape and reuse it for our own purposes?
This 4-day international conference will explore the idea of memory in relation to ballads and folk songs by looking at songs as carriers of cultural and community memory, by looking at the mechanisms whereby songs old and new have been perpetuated, and how they are being remembered and reshaped in the digital age. It will delve into the reasons for maintaining memories through song.

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31 August    
15:00–18:00 Registration  
18:00–19:00 Petr Janeček “Czech songs should be lyrical, not epic!:” Czech Ballads and Balladry Between Romantic Nationalism and Academic Interest
19:00–19:30 Adam Votruba Räuberballaden in der Tschechischen Republik und der Slowakei
1 September    
  History and the Historical
  Marjetka Golež Kaučič Ballads as a Repository of Cultural Memory and as Carriers of Canonised National Tradition
  Robert Bouthillier La destinée des chansons historiques dans la mémoire des communautés francophones d’aujourd’hui
  Lumnije Kadriu and Leontina Gega-Musa Arbëresh Scanderbeg Songs as an Expression of Collective Memory, Longing, and Belonging
  Arbnora Dushi Folk Song as Collective Memory: Historical Circumstances and National Community
11:00–11:30 Break  
  Rumen István Csörsz “Inolus, Inolus, corde mihi solus:” A Latin–Hungarian Prisoner’s Song from the Eighteenth Century
  How Ballads Work  
  Thomas A. McKean “That night in Caperquin:” The Agency of Memory in Scottish Ballads


  Ondrej Skovajsa Memory and Formulas in Moravian and Slovakian Traditional Songs
13:00–14:00 Lunch  
  (Re)Living the Past
  Valentina Bold “Swords in the Stories:” The Ballad of Kinmont Willie
  Éva Guillorel Les phénomènes de réactualisation historique dans les complaintes en langue bretonne entre le 16e siècle et la Révolution française
  Hye-Jin Choi Transmitting Cultural Memory in Pansori
  Delia Dattilo Identity, Genres, and Murder in Three Traditional American Folk Songs
16:00–16:30 Break  
  Matilda Burden “Die een ou spook was vet en die ander ou spook was maer:” Ghosts, Memories, and a Ballad
  Simona Delić Memory in the Sephardic Ballads of Mrs Batševa Altarac
  Adrienne M. Harris The Evolving Role of Folk Song in Russian War Films: The Case of the Young Guard
2 September    
  Family Matters
  Lene Halskov Hansen Danish Occasional Songs as Collections of Family Memories
  Ana Maria Paiva Morão “José pina e maribela:” A Ballad about a True Suicide Pact
  Andy Rouse The Broken Token: Recognising and Remembering
10:30–11:00 Break  
  Youngsook Suh Memory and aspects of Women’s Lives in Korean Narrative Songs
  Olimbi Velaj Emigration as Drama: Personal and Collective Memories in “The Girl of the Waves”
12:00–21:00 Excursion to Kouřim Open Air Museum, with Lunch provided
3 September    
  Disaster, Violence, Poverty, and War
  Luigi Monge African-American Disaster Songs and Memory
  María Herrera-Sobek The Hurricane Chronicles: Memory, Environmental Tragedies, and Religious Belief in Extreme Weather Disaster Corridos
  Sabina Ispas Singing Bells: First World War Songs in Romanian Tradition
  Sonja Petrović Remembering the Poor in Serbian and South Slavic Oral Poetry
11:00–11:30 Break  
  Using Song
  E. Wyn James Songs and Identity in Welsh Patagonia
  Sara Kazmi The Ballad of Dullah Bhatti: Cultural Contestations in Contemporary Punjab, Pakistan
  Ingrid Åkesson Fictional Past Meets Lived Present: Society, Singers’ experiences, and Song Interpretation
13:00–14:00 Lunch  
  Kara O’Brien “Land of Streams and Valleys:” Remembering and Reimagining Place in Traditional Irish Hunting Songs
  Trajko Petrovski The Roma Ballad of the Walled-Up Wife: The Nine Brothers
15:00–16:00 Business Meeting of the KfV – all welcome
16:00–16:30 Break  
  Ballad Scholarship
  David Atkinson Charting the Eighteenth-Century “Old Ballads” in England, c.1730–1780
  Sigrid Rieuwerts “On the grand tour in quest of old ballads:” (Re-)Visiting Blackhouse in the Scottish Borders
  Teresa Catarella (chair) Roundtable Discussion
19:30 Conference Dinner  
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